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Confessions of a Mask - Yukio Mishima The story was beautifully written, however I felt suffocated halfway through the story. I understand the protagonist's pains and suffers, he has to hide behind a mask so that he wont shunned out from the society. (Remind me of LGBT in this country. yah, I don't want to talk much about it.) So, basically the protagonist told his story since he was still a young kid who don't understand why he felt so excited looking at men's bodies but disgusted when found one of the guy he admired was actually a woman (Joan of arc). When he grew up, he find himself unable love a woman. This is a dilemma of all gays who have faced it since small. I don't have close gay friends but I believe that most of them tried to love women but unable to do so. No, it's not sickness. It is an okay novel. From the way Mishima wrote, you know that this guy is not really a happy person till he committed seppuku. I'm not sure about his other works yet. However, he is still one of Japan national treasures.

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