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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Oh boy. I was going to scream at the author when I was halfway of the story. Like what the flying fish is that?! I'm impressed with the first book, but this sequel just made me want to tear my hair off. Inane questions and stupid triangle romance. Now it's all Bella-Edward-Jacob triangle again, except Katniss was being such a dumb dumb, ignorant and woody Mary Sue. Pun is intended. Now her internal monologues are getting worse than ever. Oh God, how many questions she want to ask? Seriously Ms. Collins?? Like for example:If he knows this, what else does he know?ORWhat am I angry about though?ORWill this help Peeta stay alive?Maybe I should do some counting about how to keep Peeta alive, if I'm not so lazy. I remember reading that too many times. Hell yeah.At least write some meaningful internal monologues or get some writing tips from Walter Kovacs. He has expressing abilities with writing by using excellent metaphors.I like Finnick. Finnick is fine and Johanna, all hail to Johanna the awesomeness. Finnick, Johanna and Wiress make the story bearable but barely. To be fair 3 points for this book despite all these annoying paranoid attitude.

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