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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins I'm impressed. But not thaaat impressed. Before the review, I would like to clarify that I indeed watched the movie last year before reading the book. Yeah, just like Twilight wtf. I'm very slow when it comes to fantasy or young-adult genre. Okay, I enjoy myself I admit that. But there's something about Katniss's characteristics that annoyed me. Is it about her being too paranoid? Maybe, yeah maybe that. Like for an example, she has the voice of doubt that kept her from trusting Peeta. I mean, I will understand if you don't trust someone when you don't really know about him/her or that person will be your enemy one day. But, keep on harping on the same issue before even the game start, now that's annoying. Do I need to say about the near-ending of game too? Oh God, jeez.No prize of guessing who is this.Maybe I am an impatient person. Maybe. However, I salute her when she sacrificed herself for her sister's sake to participate in the game. Who will do that? I doubt some people has the guts. Cakap memang pandailah kat keyboard dan belakang monitor. Katniss is intelligent. I like it. 100X better than Bella Swan. Urgh, Bella annoys the hell out of me. I like intelligent heroine not annoying heroine. Seriously, Katniss deserves the recognition despite her annoying paranoid attitude (which I understand by the way).However, I don't like the way she played someone's feeling just for the sake to win the game. Can't she just nicely tell Peeta, "Let's survive together and get the fuck outta here"? Probably the end of the scene will be kind of off, but I can see the friendship where two people willing to die together, commit suicide together. Nothing wrong with that. Oh well, that's just me.Peeta is okay for me, I'm not really paying attentions towards him, however judging his characters, I think he is willing to sacrifice himself for the love ones. Gale is umm....not bad. Not much impression about him either since he only existed at the early of the story. Book or movie? My advice, read and watch, compare yourself. I like both, so I won't criticize much about it. P/S: RUEEEE!!! T________T

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