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Midnight Sun (Twilight #1.5) - Stephenie Meyer I can't believe after Twilight fiasco few years ago, I decided to read this. What is this, you asked? Well, it was supposed to be the fifth book of the Twilight series, which is from Edward Cullen's perspective. Dafuq. No just no. I read enough about his psychopath perspective. Dafuq how can you stalk a girl at the midnight right she was asleep?! Really Ms. Meyer? You really like that? Gosh. And Edward is very bitchy, like an immature schoolgirl. He whined and bitched all the way, ran away to like an attention horse and oh yeah after he came back, out of sudden he is in love with the most irritating girl that I don't want to know in my life at all. (heh? really? or just because she is too delicious?)This is what I really want to do after I read the draft:Just imagine that's Edward got kicked in the speed of light.Yes, please Borsalino. Just kick him out of the way. Now, how many girls still think Edward is the most perfect boyfriend in the whole world?

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