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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Jay Rubin, Haruki Murakami Oh God, why? It's all Kafka On The Shore again (I will admit Kafka is a much better read than this).I don't know why people think this is such a great read. How many times did the main character has to tell how he cook his spaghetti or how worn out his tennis shoes again? Now, I see Murakami has a tendency to repeat the same thing all over again in some of his books: Male, lonely, meet a woman, woman goes missing/running away, probably loves cat, makes friend with a teenage girl, man knows how to cook, man feeling lonely, people went missing from the man's life, man waits for the woman, either the woman never comes back to him or the woman comes back to him (only apply at 1Q84, I think. Can't really remember).The only thing that I love from this book is Lieutenant Mamiya's sad recall during World War II. In his letter to the main character of this book, he recalled the sad past of his life during the war, the horrific moment (enemies skinned his comrade alive), and the failure to remove the evil from the world. Basically, he lives in this world as an empty shell because of his failure and also his horrific past.

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