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A Wild Sheep Chase - Haruki Murakami, Alfred Birnbaum Let me get this rant over. Murakami's main character is one of a sad sob ordinary guy. His wife will walk out form his life, even his girlfriend and even his cat will leave him too! But however, he always can make perfect spaghetti dishes for you! Yeah that's right, almost in every Murakami's books there will be spaghetti cooking scene. Really.This is the prequel for Dance, Dance, Dance. In this book, we will find out why the unnamed protagonist lost so many important people or things in his life. If you are confused with Dance, Dance, Dance, try reading this book first. It will clear up a few question marks in your head. What really gets me it's the climax of the story. Not only he lost his girlfriend but also his friend, The Rat. The part where he talks with his dead friend is really really touching. It's full of sorrows and regrets.

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